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Big Jess - Inspire (
This album was inspired by my son Theo. We never thought we'd be able to have another child, and he came into our lives with open arms. The innocence and wonder in his eyes captivates me. The love and joy he brings us is something I soak in every single day. Kids grow up way too fast. I've been blessed with my daughter Breanna who made me a grandpa twice over, and my son Jaden who are both wonderful and inspire me daily. My wife, she's everything to me. I grew up around failed marriages and I use that as fuel so I never experience one myself. It took me 42 years to accept myself as I am. I don't have the desire to please everyone anymore. I can only be me. Love it, or leave it. No shame, no regrets.


released August 11, 2019 

Chris Allen (Inkproof) did the "Inspire" script. Brent Snyder took the cover photo. Big Jess made the beats, mixed and mastered it.