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Supa Kaiju (Napoleon Da Legend & Sicknature) - Prove Em Wrong (Official Music Video) (
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"Prove Em Wrong" produced by Sicknature - mixed & mastered by Napoleon Da Legend
Written by Napoleon Da Legend and Sicknature
Recorded at Ark Studio by Kristian Dalsgaard and at Legendary Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Logo by Mutations Artwork
Artwork by Martin Nebelong
Copyright 2019 Supa Kaiju

Additional video footage by BBass
Video edited by Sicknature
Additional appearances (All creative people who deserve more attention):
Pilzebeats (Producer, US) –
Mathias 4 1/5 of CloaqxDagger (Producer and engineer, US) –
MC Jimmieee (Artist, DK) –
Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha (Producer, NL) –
PTA (Hip-hop enthusiast and reporter, DK) –
DJ Sticky (DJ, AT) –
Lateb (Artist, US) –
Slant (Artist, US) –
Oblivious (Artist, US) –
Daniel Kristiansen (Film maker and video director, DK) –
Daniel Gregersen (Film maker and video director, DK) –
Sneip (Artist, NO) –
BBass (Artist, US) –
DJ KCL (Producer, DK) –
KVBeats (Producer, DK) –
DJ D-Runk (DJ, Producer, Engineer and event maker, DK) –
MC Tase (Artist, DK) –
iLL Krux (Artist, Producer and engineer, MY) –

#HipHop #Proveemwrong #Nevergiveup

Copyright 2019 Supa Kaiju