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Circles & Squares EP | Circles & Squares (
The debut EP of Circles & Squares has finally arrived. The six tracks on this project showcase their unique and wide-ranging sound which draws influences from hip-hop, trip-hop, R&B, rock and funk. While the lyrics explore the depths of human emotion, from hope to despair, lush musical backdrops and catchy hooks ensure that you'll be nodding your head from the first track until the last.


releases July 13, 2019 

Vox: Segilola 
Raps: Buck Turtle 
MPC: B. Ward 
Guitar: Alberto Martinez 
Bass: George Gately 
Drums: Jamie Garrett 

Recorded by Audun Waage @ Audun Audio in Barcelona, Spain 
Mixed & Mastered by D. Webb AKA Chemo @ KMJ45 in London, England