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Jonny Drop - In The Pocket (Instrumental) (
"In The Pocket" - A library record containing 16 drum breaks, compositions w/ stems & misc percussion. Recorded to a Raindirk Audio Symphony LN2 console on to 1/2” tape, then mixed and mastered. 

The digital version contains bonus breaks and stems. 

“As a sampling artist, I’m always looking for breaks or for that matter any kind of drum hit to use. There’s something about those textures and natural harmonics you get from sampling vinyl that you just can’t beat, so when Dan asked if I’d be interested in putting a library record together for KingUnderground, it was a no brainer!” 

“I was lucky enough to grow up on a beautiful farm in Suffolk and when I was a teenager my dad bought a second-hand snooker table that we set up in the same room as the drum kit. So the theme for this was easy, Snooker/Breaks. Since my childhood these two things have been synonymous.” – Jonny Drop


released July 5, 2019 

KingUnderground Records 
All songs written and performed by Jonny Drop. 
Engineered & recorded by Stingray Davies at Big Noise Studios. 
Mixed by Adam Scrimshire. 
Mastered by C. Øbermayer for Strype Audio. 

Equipment used: 
Sonor Desinger Series (Maple), Brady Jarrah Block 14 x 6.5” snare, Hayman 14 x 5” snare, Zildjian K Custom fast crash, Zildjian K Crash ride, Zildjian Istanbul ride, (Kick mic) EV RE20 & Neumann U87, (Snare mics) AKG C414 B ULS (top), CAD 88 (Bottom), (Overhead mics) RNR1 ribbons, (Hats mic) AKG C451E, (Ambience mic) SM57, (Room mic) BLUE Bottle, (Conga mic) SM57, (Shaker mic) AKG C451E, 1969 Ampeg SBT Pre amp, Ashdown Mag 500 Power amp, 1974 Fender Bassman 4x12 cab, Shure Beta 52a, Pheonix Nice DI, 1978 Fender Rhodes Stage73 MKI, Phoenix Nice DI, 1974 Musicman 212HD, AT4050 mic, Fostex E16 1/2inch 16 track, Retro Instruments 176 (Rhodes & Guitar), UA 1176 RevA (x2) (Bass DI & Cab), Raindirk Audio Symphony LN2 recording console. 

Photography by Jonny Drop (front) / Dan Englander (back). 
Cover design by Bee Graphics.