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ExP - Fully Fledged Fraud (
I was trying to think of a way to describe myself, especially in terms of hip-hop, and the concept of being a "Fully Fledged Fraud" popped into my head. This is exactly what I am. In music, or otherwise, everything I attempt to do is done as a complete amateur, a fraud, but one who's been "having a go at it" for so long that maybe it isn't completely obvious to the onlooker. Maybe. I think we are all like this in one way or another, every specialist is just a beginner who put a lot of time in, every beginner is a specialist in the making, but every one of us is making it up as we go along. This album brings together my thoughts on existence, my every day struggles with being a white, privileged, fortunate and happy individual who still finds time to moan about absolutely nothing at all really. A fraud in my work life, a fraud in my married life, a fraud in my social life, a fraud in my music life. But I've got wings now...


released July 1, 2019 

All tracks written, produced, recorded and mixed by Ben "ExP" Goodwin 
Mastered by Ben "DivKid" Wilson 
Artwork by Martin Lovegrove 

Huge thanks to the legends that crowdfunded this album into existence, within 22 hours of being told about it!! 
Chanah, Jonathan D. Brown, Helmut Vorbach, Nick Bennion, Neeraj Kaushal, Ian Veitch, Kevin Toninho, Michael "MyKo" Elson, Alexander Barry Morrison, Wayne Boone, James Byrom, DJ Sophie Joy, Matthieu Clegg, Ryan Hoskin, Bryan Morrison, Jack, Bane, Matthew Pearce, Rich & Ange, Al Crowston, Drew Dickenson, Matt & Vic, Simon Kelly, Ben Howard, Jamie Hicks, Angry Berry, baz luv g (the funkmaster assassin), Ieuan Ashman, Stewart "Disko" Gregory, John Reilly, Dré Lite, Simon Pollard, DJ PIGG, MegaSlippers, Daniel Archer, Jordan U, Stuart Dalmedo, Roogz, Stu Baynham, Jerry Moore, Simon (Toot) Williams, EllBho, Bill McLocklan,, Simon Gray, Sam Brown, Chris Pyatt, Ruse One, Phil Lamb, Sophie Hailwood, Philip Charles, Joel Hull, Rio Pahlavanpour, Dr. Ian Marder, Gemma McCallion, Mario Maul, Doberman, Jamie Hodgson, Garry Copping, Zumi & Ghibli, The Big Sapkeezy, Loire - Hearts of Darkness, Team Turdley, Matt ID, Glen Burrows, Alan from Wah Wah Records, Ben "Postie" Lewis, DJ Format, Mingo, Dweller, Russell Grant. Amandine & Si. Pippa Nicholson-Wrigley, Steven James, Richard Brown, James Hanson, Ross Findon, Tim Needham, Toby Chelms, Nick Rayman, Northern Fam, Chris Townsend, Che Pearson, Abi Hanson, Hashfinger.