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Post Real - Vice beats version f. Jabba Tha Kut, Thalassic & Prynox (
The Outerclass are Detax and Loop Faction. Offering their lyrical, boom bap fueled nuggets of hip hop, they are serious force to be reckoned with. Having supported the duo through Wordplay, Vice beats took to creating his own version of one of the group's most powerful tracks to date - Post Real, featuring Jabba Tha Kut. Drafting in regular collaboartors; Thalassic with his beautiful bluesy sax tones, and Prynox on bass, Vice beats version of Post Real takes on a raw, live feel, exploring the darker tones of the original record.


released July 1, 2019 
Original track by The Outerclass (Detax and Loop Faction): 
Taken from The Outerclass' debut album - Post Real. 

Version produced by James "Vice beats" Kennaby. 
Saxophone by Chris "Thalassic" North 
Additional bass by Nick "Prynox" Bignall