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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #146 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) by Radio RapTz | Mixcloud (
DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #146 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)
#HipHopShow supported by Nems / Camoflauge Monk / J Scienide / Sareem Poems / Crown Jewelz / K.I.N.E.T.I.K. / Ciphurphace / William Bostick / Jimmy Vegas / Rezurected / Ali Starr / Mi-Fliss / Az Izz / M Doc Diego / Seven Spherez / DJ TMB / Freddie Black / Tone Spliff / John Robinson / Daddie Notch aka Top Notch / Mic Bles / Glad2Mecha / Guy Grams / Ill Conscious / King Magnetic / Brutal Caesar / Napoleon Da Legend / Tha Soloist / DJ Grazzhoppa / Edo. G / Ren Thomas / Jay Nice / Left Lane Didon / Illa Ghee / FellPeepz / Deejay Bastos (Phono.graf Deejay Crew), and more...

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1- Deejay Bastos (Phono.graf Deejay Crew) "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro" 
2- Jay ARE (John Robinson & J Rawls) "YCP" (feat. Tiffany Paige)
3- Sareem Poems & Newselph (Illect Recordings) "Kick’n It" 
4- Cee-Rock The Fury "Anderson Iz Nice" 
5- Sam Krats "Two Shots" (feat. Ruste Juxx & Daddie Notch aka Top Notch)
6- K.I.N.E.T.I.K. “Flying High" [Don’t Look Down Remix]
7- Execute "Right Time" (feat. Mic Bles)
8- Seven Spherez "88" (feat. DJ TMB)
9- Glad2Mecha "Hidden Truths" [Pandamonium UK Remix]
10- Guy Grams x Brutal Caesar "And Then Some" (feat. Ill Conscious & DJ TMB)
11 Cubeatz "Supreme" (feat. Jimmy Vegas & Rezurected)
12- Cali Agents (Planet Asia & Rasco) "On The Grind"
13- Napoleon Da Legend & Giallo Point "Soldier Of Truth" 
14- Ciphurphace x Kollectiv "Biscuits From A Can" (feat. Jake Palumbo) [Cuts by Jake Palumbo]
15- Cee-Rock The Fury "Dialect: Ridiculous" 
16- Guy Grams x Alcapella "Kidnapped Your Most Loved" (feat. King Magnetic)
17- Crown Jewelz "I Dont Trust A Soul"
18- Onyx "Fucc Dis Rap Shit" (feat. SickFlo, Planet Asia & Tha God Fahim)
19- Nems "Timb Boots"
20- Freddie Black x Tone Spliff "Real Life"
21- Cubeatz "The One" (feat. Fleetwood & Ali Starr)
22- Cubeatz "God Before Anything" (feat. P.U.R.E. & Mi-Fliss)
23- $wank & King Draft "Gotta Get It" (feat. Reuben Vincent)
24- $wank & King Draft "Chip Of The Block" (feat. Ian Kelly)
25- Tha Soloist x The SOULution "Ghostwriters" (feat. DJ Grazzhoppa)
26- Doughboy "Broken Cuffz" (feat. Sha Heff & Lord Flee)
27- RJ Payne "Death By Radio" 
28- Freddie Black x Tone Spliff "F.O.E. (Flex On Em)" (feat. Edo. G)
29- Ren Thomas & Nef "Insidious Schemes" 
30- Bozack Morris & J Scienide "Sunday Morning"
31- Lowtechrecords x Camoflauge Monk "Strawberry Avenue" (feat. Skitso)
32- Onyx "Lyrical Boxing" (feat. Jay Nice, Left Lane Didon & Illa Ghee)
33- Seven Spherez "Diesel Powered" (feat. Tha Soloist & DJ TMB)
35- FellPeepz "Intergalactic Travel" 
36- DJ Reek GZ "Drunkn Owl (Under Protection)" (feat. Az Izz & Don Caban)
37- Rel McCoy (Illect Recordings) "Call Of The Times"
38- M Doc Diego x Greg Nyce "Familiar Funk"
39- William Bostick "Mr. Neil"