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Barzan The Havnaught Featuring Eclyse - Stomp (Cuts by Dj DonkeySax of Hobeauxriche) (Beat by Sultan Mir) (
Featuring Eclyse 
Cuts by Dj DonkeySax of Hobeauxriche


Barzan The Havnaughts' Lyrics: 
Stop with the pomp, and the circumstances, 
Eclyse and Barzan, here to stomp on you nancies, 
fancy that, random rappers, gettin smacked out  their habitats, 
perhaps its just chance, or an orchestrated fact, 
regardless we some monsters, here to bother ya conscience, 
atomic bomb the process, with microphone objects, 
the entendres are awesome, when im not talkin nonsense, 
with literary honors, were incendiary authors, 
turn note pads to ashes, send phone apps to crashin, 
got ya girl on my page, cuz im handsome and dashing, 
but im ugly wit the pen, never cared about fashion, 
derelict dialect, polydactyl with the tactical, 
nice in every aspect, im actually an asshole, 
practically the rap, tango n cash on a track, yo, 
i am jack's com- plete lack of surprise, 
Barzan and Eclyse, in the club here to fight.... 

pimp slap killers with the back of my cat feelers, 
steel toe caterpillars, lodged in ya abdomen, 
impale both chambers, rappers actin like dracula, 
vibram sole pro's, leave a mark on ya throat, 
talk a little more, and we chalkin' ya - bro, 
its a walk in the park, like rich people and dogs, 
heres a grain of salt, so u can savor ya thoughts, 
opposition better off, out there callin the cops.... 

stompin ground soundz, like four pounds to ya gastric, 
attached to this rap shit, if you fresh then im rancid 

Eclyse's Lyrics: 
Barzan and E, 
Spark up the heat, 
We stomp thru the streets, 
Like Cheetahs and Baboons, 
Speed strength and agility, 
We beasts better stand clear, 
Feet on ya damn throat, 
Yellow tape in the booth, 
Step away lets us do it, 
Yo we elevate, 
Nothing like a featherweight, 
This heavyweight, 
The levy breaks, 
Everytime we step to beats, 
Forever shine on everything, 
The illest minds in the galaxy, 
Verbal gladiators, 
Movin dope, 
Like we Pappy Mason, 
Not average, 
The top notch, 
Mastering the lost arts, 
Got it cracking like ya dome piece, 
Stepping to some dope MC's, 
Severing ya throats, 
Cuz we spitting out guillotines, 
Kill it clean, 
Rhythm from my inners demons, 
Haunt you in ya sleep, 
Got pockets full of evil, 
Lost within the equinox, 
We stomping on ya freedom, 
Behemoth in disguise, 
Im defeating all the odds! 

Put you deep in the dirt, 
When i speak what i spurt, 
Fuck a leech fuck a worm, 
Been a genius since a fetus, 
Since birth, 
We been eating like Kings, 
Hit you wit the sting like Ali, 
Visually rip thru ya soft tissue, 
The God's risen, 
Its off-icial, 
Cock pistols wit the pen, 
Special ops, 
Get em locked in, 
We rocking like Zeppelin, 
Opponents in coffins, 
Cuz they fuckin wit the best yet


released June 13, 2019 
Beat by Sultan Mir