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WARNING! Nowadays everyone is an emcee or producer. Artistic integrity has given way to chasing the latest trends and the music suffers! This is what we call The Toxic Rhyme Syndrome. Providing a pause in this pandemic is Dr.KnOBiz. The collaboration of Devine Boston Science & The Hylandaz join forces with Craig G(Juice Crew), 
Jro(The Liks), Maylay Sparks, Deep Six(Vitamen D. & Jah Safe) and Lucky Jaxon on vocals to produce an LP that is more bang than bling. Dr KnOBiz is the perfect blend of head-nodding beats, witty rhymes and catchy tunes, all to the backdrop of a cleverly woven “new school throwback” style. The emcees distinctive styles combine to form a strong voice with a refreshing sound for all hip hop fans to enjoy. 

DBS (Devine Boston Science) is a hip hop trio formed out of the universal B boy/graffiti crew of the same name. JaiBiz(emcee), 
Knoiota(emcee) and Arest Rock(producer) first met at Boston house parties battling each other in freestyle sessions. This was the 90’s “Golden Era” and ‘Biz and Kno’ were known to get busy. JaiBiz and Knoita display a wordsmiths’ mastery of lyricism.Speaking on a range of subjects from self- awareness, to politics, relationships and just good old fashioned rhyme spitting, there’s never a dull moment when these two are on the airwaves! Arest Rock’s gritty & jazzy...  more


released May 17, 2019 

Collectors Edition Cassettes will be made for this project. 
Courtesy of Icy Palms Records 
With Updated artwork 

Mega shout out to Doc West of Single Minded Pros 
All proceeds are going to PawsChicago