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Zaze - State Of Mind (Hip Hop) (
This is a single released in 2018. With Cuts provided by DJ Docta this song provides that old school 90's hip hop feel.


Constantly lured by distraction 
Social Media 
Google, The commencement of death of Encyclopedia's 
Doctor's call them patients and all their needs are immediate 
Secrets locked in a safe, dishonor is the key to it 
It's funny how people talk but walk never follow 
promises are made today but never see tomorrow 
everybody takes but say they only want to borrow 
That's why I'm drowning in my anger not a minute left for sorrow 
Loyalty and honor seem like figments of imagination 
Funny how the radio seemed like you never changed the station 
Lack of patience kept me from the office, Never got the doctrine 
Just a beat that's poppin, then I lost it, started feedin off it 
Friends till we meet again 
Seeming like a bitter end 
Twisting minds like I know what you put up on twitter meant 
Unintelligence brings more success through the elements 
If hip hop is the room then the industry's the elephant


released May 3, 2018 
All lyrics written by Zaze. Produced by Stay Kool Productions and recorded at Stay Kool Studios.