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Tarik Robinson - aka Teekay - Buenos Aires (Instrumental) (
Between 2014 and 2016, I spent a combined eight months in Chile on five different trips for my day job. During this time, I witnessed just how big the underground, boom-bap sound was down there. Can you imagine thousands of people in this day in age getting down to Lords of the Underground... and hundreds of those people in the very front moshing violently to "Chief Rocka"?I met several artists who showed me different music videos of Latin American hip hop. It was just reaching it's full potential, and each video had view counts in the hundreds of thousands. I was blown away.I first heard the term "Unión Latinoamericana" as the name of a metro station in Santiago, Chile. From what I understand, the name represents a theoretical Latin American Union similar to the European Union. In my opinion, this union already exists in the hip hop community, and this beat tape is my tribute to that scene. I've combined music from all sorts of different genres in Latin America with that hardcore boom bap sound, with the bass and the drum breaks turned up all the way to ten!