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Easy On Yourself - Awon (
My mom recently shared some old footage of my family from the 70s she received from my cousin Niecy. It had no audio but seeing my aunts and uncles when they were children moved me. The clip is actually longer and pictured my mom as well but due to time constraints my bro @hookedonphoniks made one hell of an edit. Family is everything to me and to be honest my greatest inspiration is that bond. In some way shape or form they all inspired me. Whether it was my aunt Shawn teaching me how to rap, or my cousin Reka who always encourages my craft, my cousin Niecy who still shouts me out because she is watching, my aunt Shirley who tells me how proud of me she is every time she sees me, my aunt Kiesha who gave me the sense of being able to overcome all obstacles, and my uncles Bartese and Jashiem who brought the culture home with them everyday. This was Brooklyn, Fort Greene, the Place where I was born is the backdrop of the clip. Happiness is not about what you have, but who you share life with. Soulapowa is my experience, my heart and soul, and my life in audio. It’s not a conversation with the world, but the world listening to me speak to my self. It’s therapy. You can get your copy following the link in my bio via @dontsleeprecords. For the mind though, Soulapowa!

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