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Jackson Whalan - Epic Proportions (PreOrder) (
Jackson Whalan and his live band recorded five songs at Pilot Recording Studios in Housatonic, Massachusetts with videos simultaneously filmed in-studio for each. 

Comprised of musicians who have been playing music together in the Berkshires and beyond for over a decade, Jackson Whalan’s band includes Jackson Whalan on vocals and sample pad, Jules Jenssen on drums, Brian Ross on bass guitar, Ian Evans on keys, Ian Stewart on trumpet and Tyler Gasek on saxophone. In addition, Michael Wilbur of Moon Hooch is featured on vocals and saxophone for the song “Climate Chaos,” and Whalan’s “Bae” features cello samples by Dave Eggar. 

The band’s emphasis on collaboration produces explosive content that has been defined as jazzy hip-hop, jazz-fusion, heavy metal rap, neo-soul, funk and conscious lyricism. Other songs include title track “Epic Proportions” with lyrics about protest and commitment to social justice; both the song and companying video nod to a 1970’s Starsky and Hutch/Boogie Nights/Dallas chase scene. “Whale” is a laid-back cut with an underwater feeling and witty metaphorical lyricism that features the music industry as the ocean and different mammals as players in the game. Whalan’s aforementioned “Bae” is a...  more


releases June 21, 2019 

Jackson Whalan: producer, lead vocals, sample pad 
Jules Jenssen: drums, music director 
Brian Ross: bass guitar 
Ian Evans: keyboards 
Ian Stewart: trumpet 
Tyler Gasek: saxophone 
Michael Wilbur: saxophone and lead vocals on "Climate Chaos" 

Sound Engineer: Will Schillinger 
Production Assistant: Pat Walkman 
Mixing & Mastering: Ian Stewart