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If you go down to the woods today…. You’re sure to find.... The Broken Poetz? What are they up to? Looking for physcadelic fungi? Re-taking their Duke of Edinburgh? You’re not really dressed for it lads.

Oh well, they’ve bought some camping chairs and have managed to get a signal for a knackered TV. I guess they’re catching up on Bear Grills to get some tips on survival in the wilderness. Hold up.... Who’s this guy? It’s Glad2mecha. He’s popped along from Arizona to spit some bars about his relationship woes.

Fair enough fellas. Get it off your chest. We’ll kick back, soak up the scenery and let you carry on….

What’s that noise? There’s rustling behind a tree? Is it a stoat? Perhaps a Pine Marten? No, It’s Gram Soul! What’s that smell? He’s just pitching a loaf behind that Silver Birch tree. Apparently, he went on a bender last night and woke up in the woods. Oh well. While you’re here mate, you couldn’t knock us up a remix, could you? Nice one.

While the Poetz and Glad2mecha are trading bars about their ex conquests there’s something in the bushes? Oh brilliant, Roast Beatz has crashed the party. He’s trying to poach pheasants so his family can eat. Bloody skinflint. What’s this? He’s trying to poach some of the lime light as well. Go on then. Give us a remix.

Well, that’s what goes down during a Cuttin’ It Fine camping trip. One soulful banger with heartfelt lyrics and a guest MC. 2 remixes touching on different styles and tempos. Then two instrumentals for the minimalists.

A dope debut release from Broken Poets on Cuttin’ It Fine!

Available to purchase 10/05/19 exclusive to Cuttin' It Fine Records. Available on all digital platforms.