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DeSide - For Lack Of A Better Word (
For Lack Of A Better Word; a 10 track project summed up in it's title. 

This is a more mature and developed selection of songs from DeSide than ever before but one where the production is stripped back, leaving room for DeSide to stretch his feet on the bars. 

With production from 4 different producers and mix and mastering from the local upcoming studio 'In-Spire Sounds' this is definitely one for Oxford to get on board with. 

New affiliates featuring some veteran MCs and some younger up and comers leads this project to bring a refreshing sound to the Oxford and UK rap scene. 

Take the vibes in, and enjoy this versatile project from start to finish!


released May 9, 2019 

DeSide, In-Spire Sounds, Herbal Remediez, King Boyden, Tom SQNC, Re-C Sounds, Ray Vendetta, Human Being, Micskills, T-Wavy, Izzy Twist, Deep Cover