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Xidus Pain - The Main Sequence (
The Main Sequence is the 2nd project from Xidus Pain and Chris IPOP. This project takes you on a soulful sample fueled journey exploring The Main sequence. The main sequence is the system we use to describe the colour, mass, age and position of all the stars in the observable universe. It is used to describe the birth, life and death of every star in the sky. It explains how ordinary objects can come together to form something extraordinary.


released April 30, 2019 

Art Work by Christopher Niemc 

All songs recorded by George Barrett at Chime Studios 

All songs were written by Xidus (George Barrett) Pain 

All songs produced and arranged by Chris IPOP 

This Project is Mixed and Mastered by George Barrett & Christopher Niemc 

Xidus Pain appears courtesy Hukuru Music © 

Thank You's 
I thank Elohim (The creator), My Family and all those involved in the project. 

A massive Thank You to my Brother from another mother Chris Niemc you're a Legend and a Genius I appreciate your Greatness. 

I also Thank you for listening!!!