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Leigh Michael & Chap Stallion - E-14 (
New single from the forth coming Secret Herbs Vol. 2 

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Gather round wheel pledge here to astound you. 
Blather mouth presents mirage so hound clues. 
Nothing special, a lead pencil for round two 
Prestige level: you see when you're allowed to 
Scope closely, both peep a baroque theme 
Over see opening proscenium trope scheme 
Smoke screen, ghost streams, owed/ode to a dope fiend 
Poetry probe, needles lobes till you O.D.ed 
Or sew it's seams, nodder's lobby the obvious 
Hobbyist, insomnia prop up the audience 
Pontious applies’s baby wipes for the prodigies 
Common as opposite's wouldn't bob with geometry. 
Anomalies drop quality odd's in a lottery 
Product that's not put up or pawned for commodity. 
Monarchies not fatherly all they seize property 
Autumn leaves fallen, roots grew to the following 
Scholars are cognisant of loops in monopoly 
Knowledge is squandered for the booze n velocity 
Mutant produced music, excuse all the novelty 
Spoon bending n moon landing, true to astronomy 
Celestial odyssey - no ad-venture is promising 
Prophecy pot belly sitcoms follow policy 
Gossiping wasps conjure up wattage & aught to be’s 
Comet across optics, myopic and locked to screen. 
A little privacy guy try for a diary 
Anxiety rise intertwined with your dial up speed 
Its why I find night sky is a diamond feed 
Imbibe the breeze, fibre needs, a sobriety 
Variety finds hype in a system of binary 
Spectrum's that swipe right we flip it so bitingly 
Unified in divisive attitudes and derisively 
Eye that seeks never spied from where that its eyelids peep 
Find your key, tune true to it silently 
Distinct method sublime high on the ivory 
Acquire libraries friar sigh on the priory. 
Apply science to minds wired and spidery 
Decipher the cypher all you find is a chirping 
Defiance of herd instead of Maya in bird tweets 
Minor alert admire quiet emerging 
The liar is purged, every bias in your speech


released April 28, 2019 
Lyrics written and performed by Leigh Michael 

Produced by Chap Stallion