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SONIC SUM - The Sanity Annex | A Night On Canopy (1999) (
Released on Ozone Music in 1999, The Sanity Annex is, according to XLR8R, "one of the most criminally slept-on albums of the indie hip-hop boom". Spin voted it the "2nd Best Album of the Year that No One Heard". 

This essential indie rap record has been absent from the digital world for 20 years.


released January 1, 1999 

Lyrics : Rob Sonic 
Musics : Eric M.O. and TME PRO (Fred Ones, Dj Jun (Preservation), Omar Agurto) and Rob Sonic (2) 

Recorded and mixed at T.M.E. Studios, Bronx, NY. Except 1, 2, 5, 6 recorded at Ozone Studios, N.Y.C. 

Mastered at Ozone Post Studios, N.Y.C by Vassos 

Acoustic Guitar on Velour 80 Grit by Don DiLego 
Guitar on Velour 80 Grit by Steve Hamilton 
Bass by Erik M.O.