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BOTFLY - Life Insurance (Single) (
Debut single from 'Unconscious Hip-Hop' duo BOTFLY. 
Taken from their upcoming full length LP titled SUFFERING CONTEST. 
(Digital single also includes Instrumental Version of Life Insurance plus a bonus Non-Album Demo titled Hellbound '19) 

BOTFLY are a self proclaimed 'Unconscious Hip-Hop' duo from Rural Victoria, Australia. With their own take on Hardcore/Boom-Bap Rap, they bring in a doom style vibe, mixing obscure loops & samples into a modern sludge, meanwhile keeping all that is rugged and true about Golden Age Hip-Hop. Lyrically, they take an over the top politically incorrect poetic approach, with layered meanings & strangeness that at times can be quite comical & clever but then equally as frightening when you realise that the subject matter isn't actually that far fetched or exaggerated. To sum up their sound, it's aggressive, hateful, negative Rap noise for those who are sick of the happy-go-lucky festival craft beer barcode tattoo dancing morons of today's Hip-Hop gestation stall. BOTFLY in no way represent Australian Hip-Hop in any way, shape or form. They are about as far from the Australian Rap style/scene as totally possible for two people from Australia that make rap music. Regardless, you will love it.


released April 13, 2019 

Lyrics/Rap by Yan Bob. 
Instrumental/Beat produced by Ømegaman. 
Mixed/Mastered by Ømegaman.