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Deli Records: All Said & Done - La Dyme (
"Lost Upon Arrival" OUT NOW!
Streaming available on Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms.
CD's -
1. All Love (prod. Razz) 
2. Coffee Break (prod. Uncle Filth) 
3. What More Can I Say (prod. Delicasteez) 
4. A Thought Of You (prod. La Dyme & Delicasteez) 
5. Feel It (prod. J.H) 
6. Stay Cool (feat. Lobe) (prod. Madara) 
7. 50/50 Mix (feat. Mastah Melo) (prod. J.H) 
8. All Said & Done (prod. Delicasteez) 
9. Coffee Break (prod. CrazyJaZz)