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Yugen Blakrok - Anima Mysterium | Iapetus Records (
Five years after releasing Return of the Astro-Goth, Yugen Blakrok descends from the vast cosmos and delivers to the world an impressive lesson in style, with her second album Anima Mysterium. Far from the stars but heavy with their radiant wisdom; it’s towards Earth, humanity and the obscurity at its core that the South African rapper directs her incantations. 
Accompanied by Kanif the Jhatmaster’s beats, Yugen’s flow sows the frontiers of a world where the subconscious frees itself and confronts man with his most hidden secrets. Yugen’s poetry has something Ovidian, depicting her as an agent of Metamorphosis, a reincarnated goddess in terrestrial form calling humanity to itself. 

“Why in the deepest darkness my soul beams like a lantern 
Engineered in female form...silent carrier of the force 
I'm a sandstorm in desert dunes, a shadow with a torch” 
Land of Gray, Yugen Blakrok 

The osmosis between Yugen’s words and Kanif’s instrumentals comes across from the first listen. On Return of the Astro-Goth, the astrological ideas covered by the rapper found a perfect canvas in the mix of wind instruments, dub and electronic echoes from the beatmaker. Here, Yugen lays hers flow over instrumentals of rock...  more


released February 1, 2019 

///////////////////////// CREDITS ///////////////////////// 

All songs written by Yugen Blakrok (except where noted) and composed by Kanif The Jhatmaster with appearances from Joel Assaizky on 'Carbon Form' and 7th Galaxy on 'Obsidian Night'. 

Recording and Mixing of all vocals and instruments by Kanif at Scoremachine Studio, Iapetus Studios and Point29 (Marseille, FR) 

'Carbon Form' recorded and mixed by Joel Assaizky at Scoremachine Studio, Johannesburg. 
'Mars Attacks' recorded by Tom at Point29, Marseille and mixed by Kanif. 
Final Mix and Mastering by Joel at Scoremachine Studio, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Photograph by Christopher Terhart. 
Layout by Spooky. Additional artwork by Soopanat. 


All songs published by CYLID, except Mars Attacks : Published by CYLID & Reverend Tom Music/Notting Dale Songs, and Morbid Abakus: Published by CYLID and Liuto Edizion Musicali 

LABEL : I.O.T Records / / +33 (0)6 27 26 85 07