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The Big Payback vol.5: Foreign Exchange | Millennium Jazz Music (
The Big Payback is a compilation that we will be doing from time to time to dedicate and give thanks back to the various bloggers and Vloggers that have continuously been supporting MJM over the years. TBP#5 is our dedication to The Find Magazine over in the Netherlands. 

If for some reason you've never come across The Finds Mag's site then head over for some quality posts and information on what's going down in the community :: :: 

For a shortcut to the previous Paypack compilations see the link below... 




released February 1, 2019 

MJM150: TBPB#5 - Foreign Exchange 
Compiled and managed by Gadget 
Mastered by Skinnista 
Artwork by Bones The Beat Head 
Executive producer D.J Lewis