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DJ RONSHA - Ronsha Mix #126 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only) - Radio RapTz (
#Playlist Ronsha Mix #126:
1- DJ Nickeul’s x DJ Yroz x Brutal Caesar “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Tha Soloist x Brutal Caesar x B-Sun “E”
3- Firm Taqtics “So Bad”
4- AL-J & B-Mugz “Realness” (feat. Paranom)
5- Canibus “Pen Game” (feat. Pyrit) [Cuts by DJ TMB]
6- One Stream Mental “You lied” (feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq)
7- FLVR & Frost Gamble “Pop Off” [Frost Gamble Remix] (feat. Mike Sherm, Jadakiss, Larceny & Young Kazh)
8- Anthai “Sick Type Click” (feat. Dom Pachino, Martial Art & Shogunna)
9- Firm Taqtics “From The Start”
10- FifthGod “’14 Stuy” (feat. Skyzoo, History & King Critical)
11- Kenji “FOG” (feat. Telepathy)
12- TrūVillain (iNTeLL & D1C3) “Page 6 (Pg1 remix)”
13- Explizit One “Class Is In Session” (feat. Ruste Juxx, King Magnetic & Illa Ghee)
14- B. Dvine “Clipped Wings” (feat. D-Rage)
15- Soul King “WestCoastKreation”
16- Vincent Basciano Greeezio’ & Retrospec “Guidance”
17- Vendetta Kingz “Amusé”
18- DJ Seedless “GHB” (feat. Snagneto, Owebese & Quaesar)
19- Che.sko “May Day” (feat. DJ Modesty & C. LeBaker)
20- Vendetta Kingz “S U P R E M E”
21- TrūVillain (iNTeLL & D1C3) “Page 2”
22- Grim Moses “Plane Jackin'”
23- The I.M.F. “The Life and Death of the I.M.F.”
24- Firm Taqtics “The Light”
25- Dom Pachino “Firegod”
26- The I.M.F. “Street Life” (feat. Nash Boogie & Kaila Love)
27- FLVR & Frost Gamble “The Anthem” [Frost Gamble Remix] (feat. Mike Sherm, Larceny, PlanB-Strik9 & Preme)
28- The Good People “Headphones”
29- C-Bo “Fuc The Police”
30- G4 Jag “New Thrilla”
31- Loose Skrewz “Chaspy” (feat. Mouf)
32- St. Louis Gibbor “#I.D.L.T.L.O.I. (I Don’t Like The Look Of It)” (feat. Medusa the Gangsta Goddess, MisterCrane, Dapper Dan, CloseOne & Volume 10)