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C.O.I.N.S. - Bit-COINs | Black Stone of Mecca (
Following through on the dug up and highly successful project Ancient COINs last year, The collective as known has disbanded and everyone pursing different projects as well as solo works. There's doubts the group will come back together to do any thing new collectively. 
The bit COINs project is a collection of songs that were left over songs from the cassette that was dug up recorded between 1999 to 2002 featuring all original members and new additions. 
Another collection that showcase the potential of how this group would have been a great if not one of the greatest collectives in Hip-hop and as part of the Wu-Tang extended family. 

Features their Population clik aka United Kingdom members Sunz of Man, Royal Fam. 

C.O.I.N.S. (Calculating Old Into New School) aka Ancient COINS 

- Armel aka Snuggle Up aka R-Mel The Great 
- D-Micah aka Sun of a Gun aka JR Spoons 
- Destroya aka The Devil Destroyah 
- High Price aka Kasey Marcel 
- Holy Smokes aka Smoker 
- Spanky Splash aka The Lord Divine 

- L.E. aka Life Exists (Producer) 

Extended members who joined later after 2000 included Got Flo and Dot Tragic aka Henny who unfortunately are deceased.


releases January 25, 2019