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Rupert Common - Veganese Folk-Hop (
Veganese is an invented word with significant cultural meaning. It incorporates vegan life-style choices with context dependant flexibility. To be Veganese also denotes pagan spiritual beliefs and an open world-view. Veganese people are artists, using their art to express them-selves and fight injustice. 

Folk-Hop is a hybrid musical genre derived from Settler-Canadian Folk tradition and Hip-Hop idioms. Folk-Hop involves rap, spoken-word and soulful melodies. Chord progressions and song structure are informed by Blues and Jazz. It is more invested in Hip Hop culture than anything else, as it is born from a a love of 4/4 metre, African drum rhythms, dance energy and human diversity.


released December 29, 2018 

All Songs written by Rupert Common 
"Canadianized" co-written by Kayla Vargas (K.Vox) 
All bass lines by Dave Taylor 
Drums by Anesia Stephenson 
Produced by Sebastian Walraven