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Bigg Vic - Fortune and Fame LP Snippets cHOPPED hERRING (…er-vinyl/Bigg Vic - Fortune and Fame LP 1997A1 Intro 
A2 Fly Shit 
A3 Life That We Live feat Tonya Monique Young 
A4 Represent What Ya Love 
A5 Fortune And Fame feat Omar Chandler 
A6 Verbal Medicine feat T-Stile Sessed
B1 Interlude 
B2 Money Sex And Fame 
B3 Life Of A Hustler 
B4 Two Ta Da Head feat Ragedy Ant Buddah Ratt, Mighty Mischievious & 
Sexual Poison 
B5 Interlude 
B6 Ghetto Hills
All tracks produced by Bigg VicDope artwork by Mark 563FIRST TIME ON VINYL350…er-vinyl/