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from the album Main Flow & Mil Beats "Sound Of Silence"

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"Sound Of Silence" is first and foremost the organic sequel to "Into The Mood", the latest studio project of the legendary Cincinnati band "Mood" that Mil Beats had already entirely produced. Building on this first collaboration, Main Flow and Mil Beats have decided to play the overtime and to team up again to deliver this new project.
However, make no mistake, enriched by his latest releases with the prominent Conway and WestsideGunn signed by the slim Shady Eminem, the Parisian producer went even further in the making of this project where samples and live instruments are mixed together.
From the first notes, we feel the raw authentic sampling of the SP1200 and the MPC 3000, but also the specific musicality due to the added guests' keyboards, guitars, basses, brass, when it is not Mil himself who plays.
In the same way, the complicity between the two artists is palpable from the beginning to the end of this opus where Main Flow appropriates and sublimates the productions of Mil, thus giving them all their legitimacy.

Song Performed by Main Flow
Music Produced by Mil Beats

Mastered by Miloud Sassi for db Master Pro, Paris/Brussels
Video directed by Main Flow

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