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Billy White - '8 Cylinder Bars' (Official Music Video) Prod. by Pheend Supreme. (
Brand New Music Video by Billy White.
“8 Cylinder Bars”.
Produced by Pheend Supreme.
Vocals Mixed by Loop Carpenter.
Filmed and Edited by Patrick Irving Films.

“8 Cylinder Bars is taken from the forthcoming ‘Billy White Tape - Now That’s What I Call Hip-Hop’! You can download The Billy White Tape FOR FREE from by clicking this link!
This video was filmed in various locations in Canterbury, Kent.
The Billy White Tape drops for FREE DOWNLOAD available only on Bandcamp on Saturday 8th December 2018!

“8 Cylinder Bars” is a fast Hip-Hop track by Billy White, from Canterbury, Kent, UK.

Track List For The Billy White Tape:
1. “Stuck In Time” • “Play Dis Only At Night”- Produced by PETE ROCK
2. “Listen Up!” Feat. THA SOLOIST & DJ TMB • “Bitch Please II” - Eminem - Produced by DR DRE.
3. “Roy Cropper” • “Worst Comes To Worst” - Dilated Peoples- Produced by The Alchemist.
4. “8 Cylinder Bars” • “Mista TungTwista” - Twista - Produced by TITAN.
5. “Still Waiting” • “Big Pimpin” - Jay Z - Produced by TIMBALAND.
6. “Billy White With The Real”. • “Insane In The Brain” - Cypress Hill - Produced by DJ MUGGS.
7. “The Medicine” - Produced By Pheend Supreme.
8. “La La La La” - Prod. By PHEEND SUPREME.
9. “Who’s That”? - Prod. By PHEEND SUPREME.
10. “StarGazin” • “Dead Presidents II” - Jay Z - Produced by SKI.
11. “Luna” • “You” - Evidence - Produced by DJ PREMIER.
12. “We Only Kick It Coz We Live It” Feat. TAME ONE & DJ TMB - Prod. By Dopus.
13. “8 Cylinder Bars REMIX” Prod. By Pheend Supreme
14. “Stargazin’ REMIX” - Prod. By Pheend Supreme.
15. “Stuck In Time REMIX” - Prod. By PHEEND SUPREME.

Vocals mixed by Loop Carpenter.
Arranged & Mastered by Pheend Supreme.

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Download my newest release, my mixtape 'The Billy White Tape - Now That's What I Call Hip-Hop', FOR FREE here!
Features classic instrumentals from Pete Rock, DJ Premier, DJ Muggs/Cypress Hill, Dr Dre/Eminem/Snoop Dogg, Jay Z/Timbaland, Dilated Peoples plus production/remixes from Pheend Supreme, Dopus, vocals from Tame One & Tha Soloist plus cuts by DJ TMB!

You can also download my EP, 'A New Way Of Thinking'!
'A New Way of Thinking' features production from
Dopus, Bronze Nazareth, Pheend Supreme, AlterBeats, Grim Reaperz and Beat Illustrator with songs collaborating with Lord Lhus & EQ, Jukstapose, Klive Kraven, No Pretense, DJ DeafSwitch & DJ TMB lacing cuts all over the EP.
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