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IBMCs Ultimate Selection Vol​​.​​1 (
IBMCs is proud to present this album as Vol.1 ‘Selection’ of tracks compiled from the first 8 releases of our digital label. 

We’ve been extremely fortunate to connect these artists and projects with a variety of styles and flavours from different global locations, but all fundamentally representing the original and authentic Hip Hop sound which the label stands for.


released December 4, 2017 

Artists originaly involved: 

Innate & EP, Kespar & Linkrust, Hain Teny, IV The Polymath,, TactiK, 
Supafuh/Nero/DJ Brasko, Nonstop. 

Artists featured tracks: 

Wordsworth, Jun Classic, Nomadic Massive, DJ Expo. 

Selection made by Chris Peters & MG Gost; 

Master leveling by MG Gost; 

Art cover by MG Gost.