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Oscar Dalton - Cables | Polar Opposites Records (
“Cables” is Barcelona rapper Oscar Dalton's 3rd solo project, based around the themes of networks, connections, feelings, and technology.

This project features multiple MC's, beat-makers and DJ's from Barcelona's underground hip-hop scene bringing different elements from the roots of hip-hop, most of whom are members of the Luz de Zulo collective. 



released November 30, 2018 

Tian beats prod. 

2-What do you feel? (feat. M.C.Rene) 
O.Dalton prod. 

3-Lo bueno, breve. 
Ander Draw prod. 

4-Connected interlude. (feat. Dj Cerca & Dj Wesh) 
O.Dalton prod. 

5-Vivo entre… (feat. M.C.Majestik) 
O.Dalton prod. 

6-La miel. (feat. M.C.Musik) 
O.Dalton prod. 

7-Son ésos momentos. (feat. M.C.Cram) 
Tian beats prod. 

All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered in LDZ Studio.