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Trademark Blud - Tricks of the Trade - Volume 3 (
Mixed and mastered by: Tricksta - UK Runnings / Beats & Bars 
Hosted By: Tricksta 
Artwork By: DJ Mainframe - Fresh Midz Clothing / Little Saint Clothing


released November 19, 2018 

Thanks to everyone that took part in the making of Tricks of The Trade 3, Beats & Bars Hip Hop events Crew(friends, DJ’s, promoters, rappers ,venues), UK Runnings, ScarCity, BBC Radio 1, BBC Shropshire, BBC 6 Music, Fresh Midz Clothing/Little Saint Clothing, Platformz (USA), Boombap Hip Hop Festival, Global Faction, The Hold Up, Wordlife, SBTV, Exponent Entertainment (USA), The Blatantly Blunt show, Graffiti artist .com, Melee Recording Group, Pyro Radio, The Murzi Show, Go Big TV, FATP UK Hip Hop Show, Itch FM, Bottomless Crates, Break Mission, Tamworth Urban Arts Festival, Fubar Hip Hop Show (sorry to see you go), Funk by Funk, Stereohype, TCAT, Dawley Town Council, 2Funky, The MJR Group, everyone that has ever shown any kind of support or love over the years and all the positive forces in my life. 

Most importantly thank you to my brother Tricksta, without him there would be no TOTT at all. 

Rest in peace to my brother Rich quick