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Danny Diatribe - Pressure Creates Diamonds ft El Ay ( Prod. DJ Cutterz ) hip hop / rap (
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This was the last track on the album. Since the theme was Tales from the Down and Outs and the album was about resiliance of lost charaters going through the struggle, i wanted to end it on an aspirational note. I booked a £8 Ryanir flight to brussels by myself to get the shots infront of the atom

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Danny Diatribe's Pressure Creates Diamonds. This time teaming up with DJ Cutterz from the Taste The Diff’rence and El Ay. “Tales From the Down and Outs”, a concept album detailing the lives of characters based in and around places where he has lived and still lives in Manchester, and Derry where hes from in Ireland. The album blends a range of characters he has seen in recent times and a few from his past as he had grown up to make an album which he describes as “Hip Hop, James Joyce style." This is the first in a series of videos coming in 2018 from Danny Diatribe and Cutterz. Official album launch date coming soon Danny Diatribe is from Derry Northern Ireland living in Manchester UK Get locked in and subscibe.