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Buddy Peace - A Crew Called Self • ​[​mixtape] (2004) (
This is the 7th in the Boomkat online store's 'Boomkat Select' series. It was originally manufactured as a 1000 copy CD for sale on the site, but it's long gone and out of print so I thought I'd like to make it available from me personally after years of it floating around physically or digitally after being sold out! 

You can expect to hear Ghostface Killah, Sage Francis, Sufjan Stevens, Cyne, Murs, Iron & Wine, Gza, Stars Of The Lid, Yaggfu Front and among others my good friend the angel of mercy. No, serious. 

Here is what Boomkat wrote about 'A Crew Called Self': 

"...What else is there to say about this character that hasn’t already been said? Barely catching his breath after a showstealing slot at this year’s Sonar festival, fronting for the Lex imprint on the Main stage, getting handy with the Warp back catalogue for a special mix cd included with its much discussed “Warpvision” DVD celebration, hanging out with all sorts of characters and luminaries from all ends of the musical spectrum and now – finally – coming correct with this unbelievable mix session that sounds like it’s taken a lifetime to construct. Full to the rafters with insanely clever edits and funny cuts, special contributions from his many well-known b-boy...  more


released December 1, 2004 

CD artwork by Buddy Peace