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Super Keller Allstars 2 Turbo | Keller Flavour (Instrumental) (PreOrder) (
It´s the SUPER KELLER ALLSTARS again! Versus the powerful leaders and fighting forces of Whackopolis - that strange multi-layered land of robot like Humanoids created by the wrongly-performed experiments with human beings by Dr. Pop. 

SUPER KELLER ALLSTARS - the chosen defenders of the human race. They dare to fight Whackopolis to stop the rapid expansion of strange Whackheads. 

The SUPER KELLER ALLSTARS goal is monumental - They must infiltrate a heavily-guarded empire. By themself, they must break-down and destroy the followers of Dr. Pop! 

The action involves the SUPER KELLER ALLSTARS, armed only with sample-beam-weapons and drums, encountering strangely-configured Humanoids. They´re atop, in and out of fortified prison-like structures strenghtened with thick walls. 

Will you and the SUPER KELLER ALLSTARS penetrate the forces of Dr. Pop and preserve the human race? 
You´re in control!


releases December 21, 2018 

compiled and additional mixing by dasd 
Design & Layout by Buonogelatodesign 
Exclusive Artwork by Markus Brackelmann 

Keller Flavour / 2018