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Harry Crotch - do's and donuts | Bumm Clack Records (preOrder) (
You've heard of Dilla and Madlib. So, for you, a donut is more than just a glazed pastry. Word. Since you obviously know what's good, you might want to check this out: Do's & Donuts – the 16 track instrumental debut album of beatmaker and bedroom producer Harry Crotch. Creamy downtempo and lo-fi delicacies, some analogue snyth atmospheres, warm Rhodes riffs, and drums to break your neck to. Now, that’s how you serve a donut.


releases November 28, 2018 

Produced by Harry Crotch 
Mastered by Thomas Veith for Epic Mountain 
Artwork by Stephan Rether 

"Do's and Donuts" is released as a collaboration between Bumm Clack and Vinyl Digital. All creative decisions where made by Bumm Clack and the artists. 

Pre-order the vinyl at the vinyl digital online shop: