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Stay Classy - Classy Archives | Millennium Jazz Music (Instrumental) (
Stay Classy is like a "peoples favourite" and one of the most consistently quality controlling producers within the Millennium Jazz Music stable, The Jazz Jousters collective, and pretty much amongst most of the sample challenges and communities he has involved himself with over the years. In the past Stay Classy has been humbly content with contributing to group projects, compilations, remixes and challenges (in abundance) as opposed to only focusing on his own name, but we're now about to see and hear some Stay Classy solo projects and we begin here with the Classy Archives.


released November 5, 2018 


MJM141: Classy Archives - Stay Classy 
All tracks produced, mixed and arranged by Stay Classy 
Mastered by Gadget 
All artwork designed by Ana Beraru 
Executive producers: D. Vogt and D.J Lewis