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Teknical Development.IS - Broken Circles (
Teknical Development.IS - Broken Circles

EP: The 8 Volume Two (prod by. B-Side)
Release: 15/07/2016
Medium: Vinyl/Digital/CD

Video filmed and cut by Jerome Reichmann
Text Illustrations by Benda

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Teknical Development.IS
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Broken Circles

Verse One

Touch by the source, felt these fears burn away/
Purged by the dangers of self, relate to hate/
Pick your friends, peep the uglier side of trust/
Grey clouds dominate these skies/
Can't wait for the rain when the soils is dry/
Articulate the growth after storms/
Watch these calm days/
The quite life sits opposite this noisy page/
What's this quest worth when the end is unknown/
2 stops from the destination/
Will another cycle unfold, this is the 8/
So we movin' on and on the word is mine/
The sound is B-Side of life flip the record, here the other side/
Broken memories, the mental surgeries, fix the rooted stress/
Hold a new day like a picture on a blank canvas, my request/
Nothing less, stay focus, word to my friends word to my pen/
Crystallise the plan and work your choices/


Strange day nothing makes sense/
Broken circles/
What's the definition of real when you think about it?/
No growth when you stuck in dry soils/
Do you fold or provide the strength in self to survive?/

Verse Two

Standing opposite this Microphone device/
Peace to my team every word is the start/
Always growing like the minds of the youth/
Patterns of thought, many seek a truth but the real lies is unknown/
Face your reflection and ask them brutal questions/
The type that crack your whole skill, style, the test of the wills/
Prevent this violent turbulences/
Flight of navigators surfing mental planes/
Connected past the physical, the dusty corners of an angle you created/
Change happens the moment you think it/
Fact of life harder to comprehend/
Seeing is believing, use the eye that is always closed/
What's a flower look like after it opens?/
The full cycle, beauty standing live in your face/
Just a simple example, one easy picture of change/
Help you relate, spiritual the mental past the 8/