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Too Necessary | JC4Me Records (
“Too Necessary” is the eponymous debut of the JC4Me group, made up of singer Anike & rappers Elz & Teelow. 

The album is a two part concept; in title, Too Necessary speaks to the fact that we cannot overstate how important the journey of faith and identity is for young people, and more centrally the way that young people who grow up in faith focus on the wrong things to create their identity, and therefore remove the joy and freedom from their lives. 

The 15 track album is an indirect follow up to the 2014 JC4Me Records release, "Lost Angels".


released September 21, 2018 

Written by G. Ship, A. Shontan & T. Awojobi. 
Produced by Teelow. Additional production by Stephen Owen. 
Mixed & mastered by T. Awojobi. 
JC4Me Records, JC4Me Productions, 2018.