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Beit Nun - Exceeding Expectations | Innit Records (
Beit Nun returns from a 4 year hiatus since his last solo effort, with the release of his long-awaited debut feature length album, 'Exceeding Expectations’. 

Beit Nun has, however, remained active during those 4 years, having released the 'Brandy Night' collaborative E.P. alongside Dan Bull in 2015, followed by the release of the 'Corners' feature length album, with group members Benny Diction and Deeflux in 2017. 

'Exceeding Expectations' is a loosely-scripted concept album, written and recorded in real time between 2013 and 2018, and autobiographically details the various moods, emotions, relationships and challenges experienced by Beit Nun during this period, on his journey to rebuilding his life and finding happiness. 

With production from long-time collaborators Chris Leese, Krang, Jut and Noz, along with more recent links Seek The Northerner, Anth Latue and Wynder, the album is very much a soulful affair, with Beit Nun as bar-heavy as ever, delivering his trademark introspect with the raw and uncompromised honesty we have come to expect in his lyrics.

Featured artists Jane Ellis, Haribo, Jman, Joe Gutta, Benny Diction, Chris Leese, Dan Bull, Matt Hiom and Wordsmiff FLIP are all very welcome additions to the project, each complimenting...  more


released October 26, 2018