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Teknical Development.IS - Any Kind Of Flight (prod. by AK420) (
Any Kind Of Flight
EP: The 8: Vol. Three (prod. by AK420) 
Release date: 15 September 2017
Vinyl, CD & Digital
Spotify: of 8 ep's written by Teknical Development .IS
All songs on volume Three are produced by AK420
Artwork by Bionic.
EP Credits:
Written by Teknical Development .IS
Produced by AK420
Mastered by AK420
Cuts on "Line Jumpers": Dj Goersch 
Artwork by Bioniq 
Manufactured and Distributed by Dezi-Belle Records / 2017 
Limited to 100 Vinyls!
Teknical Development.IS - AK420 
The 8 Vol 3