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1- Judge The Disciple & DJ Daredevil "Bop 2 It" (feat. Akrobatik)
2- Judge The Disciple & DJ Daredevil "Holdin’ It Down"
3- Jamal & Haak Filmore "Real"
4- Flee Lord "Real Is Rare" (feat. Tony Moxberg)
5- MP Ancient X Grungy Boguez "Powder Keg" (feat. Theory Hazit, Cas Metah & JustMe)
6- OptiMystic "Sacred Energy" (feat. Maya Jupiter, Afu Ra & N'fa)
7- Trife Diesel "Unhold Scrolls" (feat. Inspectah Deck)
8- Phantom Blade "Question Marks"
9- Ellmatic & SQB "Yes Y’all" (feat. B. Montes & DJ Pologro)
10- Napoleon Da Legend "Barbwire" (feat. Skanks the Rap Martyr & DJ TMB)
11- DJ RP Beats "Coming To Amerikkka" (feat. Sincere Luv Da God)
12- People Without Shoes "Staircase Cypher" (feat. Blue Buddah, Tray Pound, Bathtubbs, LK, Will Spliff & Hot Waterz)
13- Chedda Bang "I Told You"
14- Kool G Rap & 38 Spesh "Flow Gods" ( feat. Meyhem Lauren & Freddie Gibbs)
15- Flee Lord "Gold Beam" (feat. Low)
16- Dezert Eagle "Weed and Hennessy"
17- Cappadonna "Five on the Black Hand Side" (feat. Rollo, SugarShane, Kelso & Ratchet)
18- Da Buze Bruvaz "Torture Chambah"
19- A-Minus & Chanes "Blindside"
20- Supreme Allah "Dreams" (feat. Che)
21- Soulslicers "Get Finished" (feat. Sparking & D.Gotti)
22- M.W.P. "Dikembe Mutombo" (feat. Jos Rockwell & Roc Marciano)
23- Venomous2000 & Trilian "I Ain’t Particular" (feat. DJ TMB)
24- Sulaiman "Get a Grip"
25- Soul Kid Klik "I Want Him Dead"
26- Rebel Rodomez "Priority State of Mind"
27- Da Buze Bruvaz "1988"
28- 38 Spesh "Binoculars" (feat. Vado, N.O.R.E. & Benny The Butcher)
29- Da Buze Bruvaz "Sinna City Pickpocketz"
30- Termanology "Take ‘Em Back"
31- Taiyamo Denku "Once Again" (feat. Krs One & Pozlyrix)
32- Lox Tha Rippa & Makemdef "Put Down The Mic"
33- Tone Spliff "Recreational Rec" (feat. Recognize Ali)