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Paris - The Devil Made Me Do It (Music Video) [Clean] (1990) (
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[Verse 1]
This is a warning, another cut to move on
Another beat that's so strong
Hold on and I get wicked and then some
Stir up shit as the wit gets wisdom
P-Dog comin' up, I'm straight loc
Pro-black and it ain't no joke
Comin' straight from the mob that broke s*** last time
Now I'm back with a brand new sick rhyme
So black check time and tempo
Revolution ain't never been simple
Follow in the path of Fanon and Mao just
Build your brain and we'll soon make progress
Paid your dues, don't snooze or lose
They came with the masterplan that got you
So know who's opposed to the dominant dark skin
Food for thought as a law for the brother man
[Verse 2]
P-Dog with a gift from heaven
Tempo 116.7
Keeps you locked in time with the program
When I get wild I pile on dope jams
Then spit on your flag and government
Cause help the black was a concept never meant
N**** please, foodstamps and free cheese
Can't be the cure for a sick disease
Just the way the devil had planned it
Rape then pillage everyone on the planet
Then give 'em fake gods at odds with Allah
Love thy enemy and all that hoopla
Hear close to the words I wrote
Crack, cocaine are genocide on black folk
Who in their right mind ever coulda missed this?
Damn right when you think seditious
And I move swiftly, you can't get with me
The triple six moved quick but missed me
When I came off involved in conscience
So don't ask why next time I start this
[Verse 3]
Now let's get wild, allow me to freestyle
I build and fill your mind up with know-how
A common sense, a defense the next time
A pig tried to step to this, listen
Never let someone whoop on ya
They don't belong to the set you from
Ya can't be intrigued by the leads a pig lead
Unless you don't give a f*** to be free
Keep stompin' on, I keep stompin'
Attitude but I ain't from Compton
I can't be f***** around or muffed around
I can't be held down, check the sound
And keep in tuned on point on target
The revolution won't be thwarted
A setback cause my man it's plain to see
Must end all white surpremacy
So let the rhythm roll on when I kick this
Brothers gonna work it out with a quickness
And now you know just why a panther went crazy
The devil made me
Beware the beast man, for he is the
Devil's pawn. He kills for sport, or lust or greed
Yea, he will murder his brother to possess
His brother's land. Shun him, for he is the
Harbinger of death