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Philanthrope & Psalm Trees - Birds of a Feather (Instrumental) (
Birds of a feather, flock together. It is a very old saying; It means that people with the same interests 'move' the same way. Fate, to some, is but a mere theory human beings adopt to try and make sense of the world around them. To others it is something solidified in the belief of serendipity, luck or good fortune if you will. Whatever the listeners personal concept of the term, the results of two musical minds from foreign lands meeting by accident is something I find difficult to believe happened by chance. 

During a cold winter in Innsbruck, while snow slept on the early morning streets, something was happening between the four walls of Philanthropes’ top floor apartment, as the rest of the city slumbered. Was it the mix of caffeine, lost love and their fondness of jazz? Or simply the right time and place, that gave way to these artists embarking on this instrumental journey together? I guess that is a question for the listener 

Whatever the conclusion, I’m sure you will enjoy the fruits of their musical labour during those times. Sit down, relax and take flight; let this record give you a time for contemplation, reflection and peace. 

-Eugene Saunders 
New Musical Times


released July 24, 2018 

Mixed by Philanthrope & Psalm Trees 
Mastering by Philanthrope