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Περιθώριο & Mistafire - Darkness Eternal [Official Video] (

► Lyrics/Rap by: Eksofrenikos,SteinWay[CTB],Mista Fire[DUTCH MOB],E.N.D[CTB]

► Beat Produced by: Chiva
insta: @chiva_on

► Scratch/Cuts by: DJ Milllman

Mix & Mastered by: DJ Stigma @BEEhive for GroundZero
insta: @groundzero_studio

Rec @ΑΤH & Programming: Steinway
Rec @UK: Mistafire

Perithorio is a Hip Hop Group, based in Athens,
consists of various Mc's, Beatmakers & Directors
Written, produced and sound recorded in Athens [GR]
Perithorio's Youtube channel:

► Sektion Red:
insta: @sektionred & @sektionredclothing
Sektion Red Clothing:

► Directed by Oliver Whitehouse:
Oliver Whitehouse:
insta: @OliverWhitehouse