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PaulieRhyme (ポーリー・ライム) - Hourglass produced by King Rem (Single) (
Japan based Browntown Wreckords is proud to announce the release of Hourglass, the first single off of the new collaborative project, Act 3 Scene 216, from Cleveland natives emcee Paulie Rhyme and composer/producer King Rem (Poetic Republic). Reconnecting online recently, Rhyme and Rem, found chemistry and inspiration through reminiscing on their past connections and mutual time in Cleveland, as well as their growth as artists and transplants to New York, California, and overseas. The roots of the past, present, and future play out in the Ep and the single. Hourglass deals with the timely subjects or domestic violence and mental health, while not only looking at the causes, but also the effects, and some possible solutions. Rhyme and Rem paint a picture with many levels and emotions, hoping to grab you sonically and make you think beyond what is in front of you.Look for the Ep, Act 3 Scene 216, to drop online August 3rd.Written by Paulie Rhyme
Produced by King Rem
To contact artists for interview, drops, collabs, etc.Paulie Rhyme: finlessbrown@gmail.comKing Rem: