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Vic Spencer X Truskull | Sonnyjim X ilTorsolo Pornofunk Double Split N.1 | Pornofunk Oscuro (
Pornofunk Oscuro presents the 1st release of the new Double Split Series. 
This is a double A-side record and features 2 of the most extraordinaire, raw lyricists in the game. 
Chicago's own Vic Spencer on a beat provided by Truskull Zerokappa, his s950 and a stack of mood records. 
On the other side EatGood's ambassador Sonnyjiim on an obscure indian loop produced by il Torsolo. 

Grab this fat double joint at the price of one.


released July 5, 2018 

lyrics by Vic Spencer and Sonnyjim 
beats by Truskull and il Torsolo 

mastered by Gianluca Patrito @G-Effect Studio 
cover art by Graphic Surgery Studio, letterings by Zack Crack