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Dr. Peter Hempman - Ectoplasm Tape | LabOhr (
self-dubbed and handnumbered, limited to 50 copies! a best of flowbusters selection of my personal favorites in the vinyl collection. i dont have any dj skills !!! this here should bring up the feeling from back then, when u gave your buddy an empty tape and he recorded some songs on it for you. i made this for my friends, family and fellow music collectors (without any commercial use ! i dont have any rights on the songs used !) instead of asking each friend, who wants a tape, we just decided to make a few more. so whoever feels like having one as well is able to now. its for the people that always wanted to have something from the flowbusters manifested in reality ! something you can touch ! dr peter hempman's ectoplasm tape !!! keep it grimey and slimey ! 1love 

estimated shipping in may 2017 

peace to beatljuice who convinced me to do this and whos gon dub the tapes !


released June 22, 2018 

Dr. Peter Hempman (Germany) , Dr. Egon Sampler (Canada) and Dr. Ray Skanks (USA) are 'THE REAL FLOWBUSTERS' 

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Real, Rare & Underground Hip Hop Music mixed with Ghostbusters samples & sounds from the movies & cartoon television series 

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