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Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing 'Finish What We Started' (Promo Mix by Mr Thing) (
Dropping on vinyl, cassette, CD & digital, pre-orders go on sale tonight, Monday, 18th June, 7PM only at www.villageliverecords.comFollowing the successful release of their 2017 single ‘The Raw’ long time UK hiphop veterans Micall Parknsun & Mr Thing are back with their full-length album ‘Finish What We Started’ entirely produced by Mr Thing and featuring guest raps from Melanin 9, Joker Starr, Konny Kon & Essa (formerly known as Yungun)‘Finish What We Started’ is a 13 track LP showcasing Things diversity as a producer and Parknsuns diversity as an MC with an array of moods displayed across the albumPre-orders Monday, 18th June, 7pm UK time
Official release date Monday, June 25th, on Village Live Records