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kosm14 - ORBITAL BLUNTS 2018 (Instrumental) (
All the tracks were made by Kosm and Mong aka KOSM14 on analog machines in 2016-2017. 
No mastering, no mixing, only raw and dirty stuff. 
Mainly used Soviet vinyl records. 
©all rights reserved DOPE90 RECORDS/SOVIETRAW.


released June 13, 2018 

Many thanks to: parents and relatives, all the guys from our flava (LUZZ, KOVSH, BOORA, SMUFFTHAQUIZ, SAME, TOURISTE), MR.ROBBERHOOD, GrandFather FATS, Maxiscratch, Dj Trewor, Jekie Dugn, Bob Croma, Franky A, Staf (5DAY). 
Respect to: Nuger, Popich, Vetl (Dashkov), Grisha Markov, GOTAPE, Say De Trap, KREEM, Dozer/Zwecks, Zhaba (Max), Artek, Gover, Iodes/Prok (NOWE), Redsnake, Spoony Playa, Dj Pten/Namer (WORD/MOW), Nesk/Chet (5DAY), Slava Sauvignon/KLMF/GrGrind (Sevas Flava), McCarthy606, Kedr, Route696, Vital, DIRTY3, Dimka Goryachev, DaniDesh, Air Reket, Panama, F.F.B., Mesr, Atmood, Abramovski, Dj Sacred/Roland Jones (DOOMSHOP), Havoc, Nick Wiz, Lewis Parker, BeatPete, WunTwo, Klaus Layer, Dj Educut, Tru Comers, KickBack, and all Russian & worldwide producers, beatmakers and hip-hop heads. 
Peace to all!