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Sham & The Professor 10'' + The Speedknotz 12" (NY Bundle,98 2018) (
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The Speedknotz - Remember Me EP (pre order) :

Sup y'all?! We back with another mad bomb from New York with The Speedknotz !!! Hard to find record from 98, Remember EP is a classic indie 12" ILL tracks from start to finish, back to the 12" with instrumentals versions on it as the original 12". This release contains 9 tracks, including a bonus unreleased track from 1999 !!!

Dont miss this gem !!

A Side

Jealousy & Envy
Jealousy & Envy (Instrumental)
Knotz Landing
Knotz Landing (Instrumental)

B Side

The Zone
The Zone(Instrumental)
Remember Me
Remember Me (Instrumental)
No Retreat (Unreleased 1999)

Release date : Mid June 2018

Artworks by Peter Nitras
Mastering by Dé L'Archiviste
Sham & The Professor - The Warrior EP (Pre Order)

Sup y'all ?! Here' another DOPE drop from the Source with Sham & The Professor - The Warrior EP, consisting of 3 unreleased tracks. Those ill tracks were secretly kept hidden by Sham and The Professor for years and those are their only 90s unreleased track we thought it was time to put it on wax for the Hip Hop sake . If you liked Split Personalities LP, you gonna dig this ! RIP Brotha Scratch

A Side

A1 : Warriors Anthem

B Side

B1 Drop Zone

B2 Warriors Party

Mastering by Dé L'Archiviste (from L'Archiviste Records)
Design lay out by Peter Nitras
Handstyle titles and graffiti : Piet Pado Aka Nerco Black

Release date : Mid June 2018

Peace. One Love